A really nice place to stay overnight in Fort Collins

FortApartmentA lot of times, folks come up from Denver, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs (and even from out of state!) to take workshops and to enjoy the awesomeness that is Fort Collins. As a result, I receive many inquiries about places to stay. I wanted to highlight one of them in particular, because I’ve seen it in person and it’s WOW.

It’s an airbnb apartment that is very close to Old Town, hosts 4 (2 queen beds), has a kitchen, and is the most lovely, cheery space you’ve ever seen. Check it out. Best of all? It’s $100/night!

So, if you’re coming up for the Kelly Kilmer weekend, you might want to grab a friend or two and book!

Another thought: If you want to check out an Art Play Date, why not stay overnight on Friday night and then enjoy the afternoon in Fort Collins after our get-together!


Two Little Disclaimers:

  1. My friend runs this joint
  2. I do not make a commission for recommending her space.

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