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Art Journaling Workshops With Kelly Kilmer To Be Held September 12-15 in Fort Collins, CO

Updated 6/3/19

Kelly Kilmer is back this September with four new art journaling workshops. Take one class or take them all — you will have a great time making art with old and new friends, learning techniques that will inspire you and also inform your work in other disciplines. See the slideshow below for photos of class samples.

The workshops will be held September 12-15 at Art Lab. You can see all of the information about the workshops by going HERE and clicking on the name of the workshop to get the details and supply lists.

A Few Rules

  • Seats will go on sale Sunday, June 23.
  • Discounted seats come with early bird registration, but that ends August 1. No exceptions!
  • You can pay a deposit to hold your seat, but all balances are due September 1. No exceptions!
  • Final signups must be in by September 1 as well. No exceptions!
  • There will be no refunds. Once you buy the class, or put down your deposit, the seat is yours to do with as you wish. You can sell your class or transfer your seat to someone else, but those responsibilities are all yours once you buy a class. (Think of it as if you’re buying a concert ticket. The Pepsi Center doesn’t buy back your tickets if you change your mind, right?)

Are These Workshops for Me?

Are you new to art journaling? That’s ok! Kelly’s classes are geared to all levels.

Don’t think you have the right supplies? Kelly is well known for her inability to travel light and supplies a lot of the tools you’ll be using in her workshops — collage materials, bookmaking supplies, paint and more. We’ll bind our own books in some of her classes, in other classes you’ll bring your own journal or paper from home to work in.

Have you been art journaling for years? Trust me, Kelly will will inspire you to think in ways you haven’t thought before.

Join us this fall for a fun and inspiring weekend of art making, laughter and friendship. Sign up today!

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