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Art Play Date #1 is This Saturday!

You may be wondering where I’ve been. *looks around the room mysteriously* Well, that’s a story for another day. The most important thing is that…

Art Play Dates are back!

Starting this Saturday, April 23rd (sorry for the late notice; I’ll do better next time), you and your fellow creatives are invited to meet up in the Idea Lab at the Community Creative Center in Fort Collins from 9a-noon. Bring a project you’re working on and settle in for a few hours of socializing and creating.

Here’s our agenda:

  • 10 minutes to gather and set up our spots
  • 10 minutes of introductory speech from me
  • 15-30 minutes (or as needed) for introductions and show & tell (2-5 minutes per person)
  • The rest of the time will be for creating and talking!
  • 10 minutes at the end for cleanup, as we need to be out by noon.

Thanks to the Community Creative Center for co-sponsoring this Art Play Date!

Future Art Play Dates will be held in the basement workroom at the CCC on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

The Community Creative Center is located at 200 Matthews Street in Fort Collins.

Please RSVP on our page so that we know to expect you!

Questions? Comment here and I’ll get right back with you. I also set up a new Facebook group for discussions, so you could ask your question there, if you prefer.

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