Art Play Date #7 Notes

Another great time was had by all on November 19 in the classroom at the Community Creative Center in Fort Collins.

Those present were: Amy, Sonia, Odile, Kathy, Minnie, Mary, Jessica and myself. We talked about a variety of things, including the upcoming holiday art fairs, downtown artery, weather, Creator Hub, schools and learning methods, homeschooling and the homeless. There were a few mentions of pegacorns as well.

Sonia wanted to remind everyone about the Annual Holiday Craft Sale (hosted by The Fort Collins Club), which is being held at 1307 E. Prospect Road on Wednesday, 11/30 from 7a-7p.

I actually remembered to take photos this time…hooray! Here’s some of the fun you may have missed:

imag0717 imag0708 imag0716 imag0715 imag0714 imag0712 imag0711 imag0710 imag0709

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