On Saturday, January 21, we had another exhilarating Art Play Date. In attendance:

  • Karen
  • Annette
  • Nyebbi
  • Ellie
  • Jilly
  • Chris
  • Kathy
  • Jessica
  • Nakita


I brought donuts from DD to celebrate my (mumble)th birthday (it was a BIG one) and we happily munched and chatted and got our creative on. Some of the topics covered and projects in progress:

  • methods of binding books, including the sewn-over strap binding that our pal Marcy McKenzie is famous for. Nakita brought in enough composition book journals to cover a full table and was pulling the binding so she can turn the covers into a book of their own.
  • Jim from Creator Hub came buy and told us about what’s happening with that group, as well as what’s going on with FC Public Media (they’re looking for content!)
  • gelli printing (which Karen, Chris and I were doing and showing)
  • crochet (Nyebbi)
  • “Mommy Made a Bad Choice” project, in which Ellie was sewing 100 pennies on jump rings to a tshirt for her 1st grader’s 100-day celebration
  • polymer clay figures (Jilly)
  • collage (Kathy, Annette)
  • journals and watercolor (Jessica)
"Mommy Made a Bad Decision"
Kathy's beginnings of a collage.
Jessica and her watercolors.
Jilly's polymer clay setup.
Deb (2nd from right) checks in with Ellie's project while Nyebbi crochets and Chris works on her gelli printing.
Nakita's journals
"Mommy Made a Bad Decision"

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