Artists’ Garage Sale: Vendors Wanted

I don’t know about you, but my studio is brimming with stuff that I don’t use anymore. Supplies from my foray into polymer clay. Extra pens and paints that I don’t use. Papers galore. Collage fodder. It’s becoming overwhelming. I’ve talked to a few friends here in Fort Collins and Loveland who have similar situations, which made me feel like this is a common problem. I thought, what if we have a big garage sale? Thus, the Artists’ Garage Sale was conceived.

If you have things that you no longer use: Easels, beads, lighting, photo equipment, art books, sketchbooks, collage items, paper, rubber stamps, stencils, brushes, palette knives, pottery wheels, fibers, and so on, this is the event for you. Rent a table or half a table and get that stuff sold! Admission will be free to the public and your rental helps pay for the use of the Idea Lab at the Community Creative Center on Matthews Street in Fort Collins. A full table will be $25 and a half table will be $15. Or share a table with a fellow artist!

Fill out the application here.

Tell your friends and let’s make this the event of the dreary post-holiday season! You can download this flyer to share on social media or via email. Let’s get the word out around Northern Colorado and move those supplies around! 

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