we are wired to be creative

Great article on creativity and how it’s a learned skill here.

Puccio calls it creativity with a little “c” – and he’s convinced it’s a talent we all possess. “You’re human and you have an imagination,” he says. “You are wired to be creative.”

I am especially struck by this passage and I do find it to be true in my own experience:

Scientific research supports the idea that certain activities can prime the mind to come up with less obvious solutions than would emerge otherwise. Psychologists call it “divergent” thinking. For example, Joydeep Bhattacharya of Goldsmiths University in London has shown that people in a relaxed mood are more likely to arrive at creative solutions when problem-solving. And another study by Australian researchers showed people are more likely to solve puzzles lying on their back than standing up. Perhaps it’s because when people are mellow, their wandering mind encourages them to review a diverse array of ideas, rather than get stuck in a more focused, narrow mode of thought.


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Julie Fei-Fan Balzer registration open until May 27

The Stenciled Face

We need a few more people to make Friday’s Julie Fei-Fan Balzer workshops a reality (the Saturday and Sunday workshops are a go for sure). So, if you’ve been holding off, please register by Tuesday, May 27. If we don’t have a minimum of 10 people for those two classes, we’ll have to cancel the Friday workshops.

Take a look at the Friday classes:

Authentic Stencils 
Friday, May 30 • 10a-1p • $85
Stencils are a must-have tool these days. There are lots of gorgeous commercial stencils for sale, but it’s also super easy to make your own! Come and learn how to make your own stencils and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer will share all of her tips on what makes for a good stencil design. 

Authentic Stencils
Authentic Stencils

The Stenciled Face
Friday, May 30 • 2:30-5:30p • $85
Learn just how easy it is to create fabulous faces using the help of some Balzer Designs stencils! If you think you can’t draw faces, this is the class for you!

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer registration is OPEN!

TheStenciledArtJournal3Mixed-media artist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer will be at Masonville Artist Studio May 30, 31, and June 1 to teach us cool painting and stenciling techniques like only she can. It will be a blast, so try to join us! And do spread the word! This has a short registration window so we want to be sure everybody knows about it — many hands (mouths) make light work, you know. Thanks!

Visit the Julie page on our site to see the workshop info and register.

Kelly Kilmer is set to come to NoCo in July

Yes, things have been very quiet on this site lately. But now that the holidays are wrapped up (except for those darn Christmas letters I just have to stamp and get into the mail!), it’s time to look forward to the spring/summer workshop season!

We just had confirmation that Kelly Kilmer will be here to teach again this coming July. The weekend is July 18-20, so mark your calendars now, kids, and stay tuned for updates and details as we have them.