How Can You NOT See the Magic?

Our subject line today is a quote from Karen Campbell, which became our mantra for the weekend. There is such magic in art, in creating, in sharing time together to learn and make new things.

Recap: Kelly Kilmer Weekend

If you had any part in the Kelly Kilmer weekend, you know it was a great one. For those who missed it, or who want to relive the fun, here’s a recap, complete with links!

Thursday: Kelly and her mom met me over at the venue where we unloaded Kelly’s many, many bags of supplies. Then we headed off to Boulder! Luckily, by the time we arrived, the rain had mostly stopped and the sun was even peeking out a bit. First stop? Why, Two Hands Paperie, of course! Apparently, I can’t get out of that store without $50 of supplies. My favorite new-to-me item? Blackwing pencils. Enough said.

Other places we visited include…


For dinner, we stopped at Foolish Craig’s Cafe, where we had the most helpful waiter (Noah) who was adorable, to boot. He made Kelly a strawberry lemonade from scratch! We had the best dinner, including some amazing potatoes and pesto any of us had ever tried. Really cool place.

Friday: After a quick setup, we were off to the races! We had two classes scheduled, Brushstrokes: Playful, Paint Applications On Journal Pages and Juicy Journal Pages. Some of the things we talked about:


Saturday, we had Transformation: Peeling Back the Layers. This was both a delicious and challenging class where we built up layer after layer on our pages (the delicious part) and then literally peeled layers off to reveal the work underneath (which was VERY challenging for all of us!). The results, however, were amazing and I think we were all so proud of ourselves in our ability to learn a lesson in letting go. Karen was on a roll this day with some amusing bon mots, as well, such as “I finally got to an eyeball!” and “I don’t think this leg is growing back.” Take that as you will.

Sunday’s class was outstanding and probably my favorite of the four that we took. In An Artists’ Study, we took pages or color copies with an artist’s work and used that to meld with our own styles. The results were excellent.

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We also talked a lot (what else is new?) and here are some notes:


Visit Kelly’s blog to see her recap of the Boulder shopping trip — part 1 and part 2!

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