Halloween creativity

IMAG1722I have not been fond of Halloween in a long, long time. My husband and I usually will give out candy, but we don’t dress up or go to parties or any of that stuff. This year, though, we got into it a tiny bit because of our little girl.

She’s 16 months old, so she has no clue what’s going on, and I didn’t even make her a costume because, frankly, the little Batgirl dress from Target was perfect. But I’m here today to share with you what my most awesome neighbor, LaDonna, did for her son’s costume.

IMAG1725Her son Logan was going as Batman, so she turned his wagon into a Batmobile! I love the way she handled the challenge of getting her batmobile parts onto the wagon so that they were removable for easy transporting (and storage!). She put sticky-backed velcro onto the wagon and the backs of the cardboard batmobile parts.

Here is the right side of the batmobile.


And the part that went onto it.


And the two pieces of the back end. She also had a piece on the front of the wagon, cut to size, with the logo on it.

IMAG1726Hope this gets you thinking about next year’s costume challenges! Thanks, LaDonna, for letting me share this here.

Be sure to comment with your own creative answers to your kids’ costume requests.