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“My cup is already filling up.” – Art Play Date #16 Notes

…is what Ursula, a new member, said on Saturday soon after she arrived for our Art Play Date. It makes me so happy to hear things like that. It fills my own cup for me to know that our little group brings so much joy to its members.

Art Play Date #16 was held on 8/19/17. In attendance, we had Jessica, Ellie, Kathy, Kathryn, Ursula, Minnie, Mary, Chris, Nyebbi and myself.

Minnie wanted to make sure everyone knew about the upcoming Artists Collective meeting:

Artists Collective Meeting for August
Monday, August 28 at 6:30pm
Columbine Gallery

Also, the Open Hang at Community Creative Center ends this Saturday, so be sure to check it out. When you walk into the gallery, go to your right, and in that first corner you will see work from our own members (Minnie, Nyebbi, Chris, Jessica and myself).

We also discussed:

Last, but not least, Kathy told us about a magical place called Mojito Creek Scrapbooking Retreat. We talked about reserving the place for an Art Play Date weekend. More info will be forthcoming, but feel free to comment if this is something you’d like to do!

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Art Play Date #15 Notes

In attendance, we had Nyebbi, Chris, Jessica, Kathy, Annette and Tracey.

Some of the fun things we talked about (I forgot the photos yet again!) included:


Nyebbi’s new Etsy store: Check out her beautiful fiber work!

Anne Lamott (author), particularly her book Operating Instructions

Younger (tv show)

Sketchbook Project and the Brooklyn Art LIbrary

Ladies Living Life (I can’t remember who mentioned this in the meeting — can you touch base with me and remind me of where to find them?)

Community Creative Center Open Hang: We’d like to have a group of us show our work together at the upcoming Open Hang. If you are interested in joining us, you MUST be at the Community Creative Center to hang your work with us at 4 pm on Monday, August 14. I’ll put up a couple of little signs indicating that we’re part of a group, with a bit of info on what we do. Let me know if you’re going to join us by emailing me at Thanks!

ABC Exhibit: We also talked about doing a group exhibit. Details are still TBA, but if you are interested, get in touch with me at If I have enough interest, I’ll organize a meeting and we can talk about how we’d like to go about this.


Art Play Date #14 Notes

This is the “snarky tomatoes” edition of Art Play Date Notes. Our recent Art Play Date was held on June 17, 2017 at the Community Creative Center in Fort Collins.

In attendance:

  • Ellie
  • Kathryn
  • Heather (first timer!)
  • Jessica
  • Aleta
  • Tracey


And here are some of the things we talked about:


And remember, “that’s not rebel, that’s smart,” says Ellie

Art Play Date #13 Notes

Held on May 20, 2017 at the Community Creative Center in Fort Collins.

In attendance:

  • Nyebbi
  • Sonia
  • Ellie
  • Chris
  • Jessica
  • Tracey

Take a survey online to help bring affordable live/work space for artists in Fort Collins

Things we discussed:

Art Play Date #11 Notes

This is the “I just started stabbing” edition of Art Play Date Notes. (And if you’re not sure what that means, you had to be there. Be there next time!)

Our 11th Art Play Date was held on 3/18/17 in the Idea Lab at Community Creative Center. In attendance were:

  • Jessica
  • Darla
  • Ellie
  • Tanya (1st timer!)
  • Lori (1st timer!)
  • Chris
  • Michelle
  • Eileen
  • Tracey

Stuff we talked about included:

Lastly, don’t miss our next Art Play Date, which is on April 15, 10-1 at Community Creative Center. It’s our 1-year anniversary of these play dates and it will be so much fun to celebrate with you. With that, I’ll leave you with this final thought (also a quote from our last play date):

“You can’t spell ‘happiness’ without ‘penis’.”

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Art Play Date #10 Notes

Hi gang! I’m slightly mortified that I am so behind on posting notes from our last Art Play Date. Forgive me?

Here’s the scoop: I was joined by

  • Jessica
  • Amy
  • Sonia
  • Nyebbi
  • Kathy
  • Eileen (new to our group!)
  • Darla
  • and Chris did a special drive-by visit and brought us chocolate cake!

What did we talk about?

Here are the photos I remembered to snap while everybody was working. Our next play date is on March 18, 10a-1p. Hope you can make it!

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On Saturday, January 21, we had another exhilarating Art Play Date. In attendance:

  • Karen
  • Annette
  • Nyebbi
  • Ellie
  • Jilly
  • Chris
  • Kathy
  • Jessica
  • Nakita


I brought donuts from DD to celebrate my (mumble)th birthday (it was a BIG one) and we happily munched and chatted and got our creative on. Some of the topics covered and projects in progress:

  • methods of binding books, including the sewn-over strap binding that our pal Marcy McKenzie is famous for. Nakita brought in enough composition book journals to cover a full table and was pulling the binding so she can turn the covers into a book of their own.
  • Jim from Creator Hub came buy and told us about what’s happening with that group, as well as what’s going on with FC Public Media (they’re looking for content!)
  • gelli printing (which Karen, Chris and I were doing and showing)
  • crochet (Nyebbi)
  • “Mommy Made a Bad Choice” project, in which Ellie was sewing 100 pennies on jump rings to a tshirt for her 1st grader’s 100-day celebration
  • polymer clay figures (Jilly)
  • collage (Kathy, Annette)
  • journals and watercolor (Jessica)

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This month, we had a really special Art Play Date. It started out with just Ellie and myself. I worked on catching up in my journal, while Ellie knitted and did some cross stitch. We had never met before, but we hit it off right away and had a great time chatting and blabbing about our lives, our kids, schools, and crafting. Chris showed up a bit later and the three of us talked nonstop, pretty much, while Chris worked on some adorable fabric tree ornaments in the shape of Christmas trees and her son’s hand print. cute!

Shockingly, I was having so much fun that I forgot photos again. I know you’re surprised.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas, Hannukah, etc. Look forward to 2017…I’ve got a few great ideas simmering here in my studio and the workshop lineup is beginning to gel. Look for an announcement in January!

Art Play Date #7 Notes

Another great time was had by all on November 19 in the classroom at the Community Creative Center in Fort Collins.

Those present were: Amy, Sonia, Odile, Kathy, Minnie, Mary, Jessica and myself. We talked about a variety of things, including the upcoming holiday art fairs, downtown artery, weather, Creator Hub, schools and learning methods, homeschooling and the homeless. There were a few mentions of pegacorns as well.

Sonia wanted to remind everyone about the Annual Holiday Craft Sale (hosted by The Fort Collins Club), which is being held at 1307 E. Prospect Road on Wednesday, 11/30 from 7a-7p.

I actually remembered to take photos this time…hooray! Here’s some of the fun you may have missed:

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