Student work from our Faux Etching class with Leighanna Light in September 2014.

leighanna light weekend recap

Growing up, I saved all sorts of “treasures” in my desk drawers. Usually they were things I found on the side of the road when I was riding my bike — cool rocks, a funky piece of metal, broken jewelry, things that sparkled…the list could go on and on.

I’m sure my mom was amused (though I was very organized in the way I stored my collections), if she even noticed. I do know, though, that my “saving” habit was annoying to my sisters (we shared a room) and over the years, I lugged my treasures back and forth across the country, from apartment to apartment, more times than I want to count. To this day, I’m the one with the treasures all over my home, but my sister dislikes the “cluttered” look and is always paring down her belongings.

In discovering Leighanna Light, Michael deMeng, and other fabulous found object artists, I have found my kindred spirits. It was super cool during the Leighanna Light weekend to sit there at Masonville Artists’ Studio and watch other artists sharing doodads and ooohing and aaaahing over a bunch of rusty crap.

rusty stuff
Seriously. This pile of rusty stuff was brought by a new member of our group. Nakita has been saving rusty things for what seems like years, and she brought a huge bag of things for everyone to pick through and use. It was awesome.

Personally, I’m still recovering from our weekend of thingmaking with Leighanna, even though it’s been a couple of weeks now. It feels so wonderful to take old discards and turn them into something completely new and weird and beautiful. We spent three days cutting and hammering metal, texturizing and adding color to canvas, etching and rusting metal, and the results were stunning.

Leighanna Quote of the Weekend: “After you sand the back of your head, make a hole on your leg.”

Leighanna, as always, is a delightful instructor and she is fun to learn from. I’ve taken many of her classes over the years and found that they have become finetuned, organized, and inspiring experiences. If you’re going to take a metal class with her, though, definitely bring your earplugs and be prepared to get dirty. It’s also smart to be ready to learn a lot in these workshops, including things you hadn’t planned on…Like all about the quirky habits of chickens!

Thank you, Leighanna, for coming to see us! I know you’ve inspired me to think differently about some of the stuff I’ve rescued over the years. 🙂

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Weekend Notes

Leighanna gets a lot of her stencils from Stencil Girl. They also have a monthly club, which appears to be a really neat deal!

This got us talking about other companies that have monthly clubs:

Other supplies and places to get them:

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