Leighanna Light Workshop Registration is OPEN!

Faux Etching with Leighanna LightLeighanna Light is coming to our neck of the woods in September. “Oh, that’s so far away, Tracey! How can we wait that long?” is what you may be saying. What I say is that this will give us all plenty of time to dig through our stashes of metal, embellishments, and collect our STUFF because these workshops all have deliciously chunky supply lists. We are going to make birds and this amazing canvas book and we are going to etch metal without all of that messy toxic stuff!

You are going to love these classes.

Birds Gone Wild with Leighanna LightNow, don’t let the supply lists scare you off because Leighanna has class kits that include doodads and use of her tools and consumables. Also, don’t forget our freebie tables that are full of doodads and whirlygigs that will be fun to sift through when you need to get up and stretch during class.

Lily's Book with Leighanna LightSome supplies, such as the heavyweight canvas and venetian plaster for Lily’s Book, might be best purchased and split among class takers.  When folks start signing up, we’ll discuss and make arrangements to “co-op” some of the supply purchases. Stay tuned for that info.

And on a related note, we will soon have a car pool page on this site, which many of you have requested. Watch this blog for an announcement in the next week or so (as soon as I have a chance to finish testing the thing). It will definitely be ready in time for you all to arrange shared rides for the Kelly Kilmer weekend.

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