Art Play Date #6 Notes

Well, I am putting a reminder in my calendar to take photos next time. Will you remind me, too? 🙂

We had a nice time on Saturday! We had Sonia (making some paper flowers), Mildred (crocheting her temperature blanket), Aleta (painting) and Jessica (watercolors in her journal). I was working on catching up on my 3-year-old’s scrapbook.

Here’s some of the stuff we discussed:

  • Chit chat: The weather (we talked about it a LOT!) and being Colorado transplants and a bit about our native states and countries
  • Shopping opportunity: Cowboy Church is having a craft fair on October 29 and Mildred will have a table there
  • Workshop: Jennie Kiessling is teaching a journaling workshop at Artworks in Loveland, beginning October 27 (5-week course)
  • Book recommendation: Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green by Michael Wilcox
  • Idea: Have a workshop on how to set up an Etsy shop (I will make this happen)
  • Idea: Set up links to all members’ only presence(s) (Working on this!)

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print today. See you next month!

Art Play Date #5 Notes

So, we forgot to take photos again. But we had a nice-sized group and it looked like folks got a lot done! Thanks to Peggy, Amy, Kathryn, Jessica, Chris, Flavia, Sonia, Michelle, my daughter Mae (aged 3), and myself for showing up. Pat yourselves on the back for taking time for yourselves!

Some of the things we talked about that were recommended by attendees:

Book: Shut Your Monkey by Danny Gregory. This is about silencing your inner critic.

Movie: Sully

TV: Uncle Grandpa (on the Cartoon Network)

Shop: Magic Cabin


Hope to see you at Art Play Date #6 on October 15!

Let’s Order Some Stuff!

As we discussed during the Kelly Kilmer weekend, a bunch of us talked about doing one big order of Dick Blick Matte Acrylics (yummy!) in order to get the bulk discount and save on shipping. I am also going to use my wholesale account at Green Apple and purchase a bunch of the Coccoina glue sticks. Well, then I remembered some of the other supplies we used and/or discussed and decided to put them on the order list. Below are the 5 things I’m ordering (4 from Blick, one from Green Apply Supply). How it’s going to work is below, too.

This may work best for the local folks, but if you want me to ship to you, that will cost extra, depending on how much you order. For those who live in the Denver area, if you want to go in on this, we will choose a day during the week and I will meet you between FtC and Thornton. We can have lunch and I’ll give you your goods. No, you don’t have to buy me lunch. 🙂

If you are coming to Art Play Date #5 on 9/17, I will have samples of either the supplies or the marks they make so that you can evaluate for yourself. If you have any of these items, and are willing to let folks try them out, please bring one or two. Thanks!

  1. Get me your order by noon on Sunday, 9/18. Email colors and quantities to
    1. blickmatteacrylicsBlick Matte Acrylics: These are the lovely paints that Kelly had us use during her workshops. She compared them to craft paints but they have more pigment than the usual craft paint. Plus, they are matte, so your pages won’t stick together. You can see the colors here:
    2. woodyStabilo Woody 3 in 1 Pencils: These are the delicious crayons some of us learned about during Mindy Lacefield’s workshops and that some of you may have tried during Kelly’s workshops. They are watersoluble wax crayons meant for childrens’ use, but man, they are so very cool and they don’t roll away! Color list is here:
    3. molotowMolotow one4all Acrylic Markers: Paint pens from Kelly’s classes. There are a bunch of different brands that make acrylic paint pens, but these are refillable. Color list here:
    4. winkofstellaWink of Stella Brush Markers: These are those lovely glittery brush pens that Kelly had. I think some scrapbooking stores carry them, but I thought it would be nice to add them to our list because I plan to purchase them anyway for myself. I noticed the other day in my journal that my carbon pen wrote over this glitter pen, so that was a nice bonus effect I got.
    5. coccoinaTell me how many Coccoina glue sticks you will want. I am only ordering the 40g sticks. I don’t know the cost yet, but they won’t be more than $8/stick.
  2. You will receive a Paypal invoice sometime on 9/19. On the 19th, I will tally up all of the orders and calculate what your order total will be. I will then send you a Paypal invoice for your total (including any tax and your share of shipping). The invoice will come from eeep! productions/, so be on the lookout. If you don’t have Paypal, you can use your credit card to pay this invoice through Paypal.
  3. You must Paypal me by midnight on 9/21. I will order on 9/22. I will NOT order your stuff if you do not pay for it by this time.
  4. Watch this blog or the Facebook chat for updates, such as delivery dates, delays, etc.

THAT IS HOW WE’LL DO IT. No ifs, ands or buts. No extensions. No refunds. Happy ordering!

(Hey, and if this goes well, we might do it on a semi-regular basis. What do you think?)

Kelly Kilmer Weekend 2016 Recap and Notes


Just…Wow. What a weekend. We painted and laughed and collaged and talked and journaled and and and…Did I mention how much we laughed? I, for one, am rejuvenated and want to do nothing but journal now. I love how Kelly is able to do that for me and my art (and my sanity!)

Thank you to Kelly for such a grand weekend of instruction, goodies and donuts. You are a gem (a national treasure, even) and we can’t wait to have you back again!

Below are just some of the things we talked about, followed by the photos that I took.


Photo credit: Darren Hester (

What tools are in your basic mixed media toolkit?

What do you keep in your basic mixed media toolkit and take with you to workshops? Last year, we were all sitting in a workshop and someone needed a specific tool. Our pal Susan whipped it out of her bag without any hesitation. I don’t remember what exactly the tool was, but I was impressed at how prepared Susan was. She had just the right thing and it wasn’t even on the teacher’s supply list! It got me thinking about my own basic mixed media toolkit and what I am never without and what I need to add to my little suitcase.

I asked Susan to give me a list of what she carries to every workshop…in her very large and well-stocked bag.  Susan takes fiber art classes, drawing, watercolor, oil painting, mix media, assemblage, jewelry, and spirituality workshops.

Susan says hi

Susan’s Big Bag of Shit She Can’t Do Without!!

  • 12” fabric ruler – it’s clear and has multiple lines for accurate measuring
  • Large pair of scissors and small
  • X-acto knife w/replacement blades
  • 12×12 cutting mat
  • Paint spatula (flat)
  • Bone folder
  • Stylus
  • Awl or ice pick 🙂
  • Japanese hole punch
  • Paint brushes – fine liner, scrubber (my fav), round or flat, medium and large.
  • Black stazon pad & refill
  • Baby wipes (a must)
  • Glue stick. Tape runner. Glue Dots. Either Beacon 30-in 1 or a bottle of Ultimate glue – they make anything stick to anything!!! Pack of 3D foam adhesive.
  • Sharpie fine & extra fine marker
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Mechanical pencil w/replace eraser & lead
  • Pental Clic Eraser
  • Small water spray bottle and one 91% alcohol spray bottle
  • Ranger fastener (stapler) with refills
  • Several gift cards for scraping
  • White chalk pencil
  • Aquralleable Stabilo pencil – black, white or red.
  • Needle nose pliers
  • One wooden skewer and one chop stick
  • Distress inkpad for edging, i.e. vintage brown,
  • Matte ModPodge or matte medium
  • Masking tape
  • A date stamp
  • 12×12 paper cutter w/replacement blades and score blade
  • Lotion & lip balm & floss picks
  • WeR Memory Keepers – QuickStik
  • Blending stumps & sander
  • SAND PAPER PAD!!! For sanding shit.
  • A couple hat pins for re-opening glue bottles
  • One pipette
  • And sometimes – small hammer, versatile screwdriver (Phillips and flat head),
Leighanna Light shows off her basic mixed media toolkit
Leighanna Light shows off her basic mixed media toolkit

I also asked assemblage artist Leighanna Light what her basic mixed media toolkit always has in it. She said:

  • Brushes
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tin snips
  • Bone folder
  • Awl
  • Sandpaper
  • Waxed paper
  • Pliers
  • Scrap paper
  • X-acto knife

Of course, the list is going to vary depending upon what type of class you’re taking, but I want to know what you’re never, ever without when you take an art class. I’m still working on my basic mixed media toolkit, inspired by Susan, and will post it in a future blog entry. Comment here and tell us what you pack for a workshop!

Bonus art journaling goodies for YOU!

kk-messytable1Kelly and I are wrapping up the final details on her long-awaited visit to NoCo and we had an idea. You see, Kelly always brings a ton of supplies to these workshops — papers, pens, collage items, ink, paint, stamps, stencils and more. She has to prepare each student’s kit before she hits the road and make sure she has enough stuff for everyone. As for me, well, I need to buy enough chocolate for you all (there will be other treats, too, but the chocolate is really the most important bit, don’t you think?) and do some other preparations.

Short story? It would help us out greatly to have an idea of who’s attending the workshops. Also, I need to pay the CCC their rent for the room. 🙂  To that end, we offer you…

The Great Incentive

Sign up for any of Kelly’s workshops and Kelly will give you a bonus Arty Goodie Pack at class. You must register between now and midnight (MDT) on July 31. If you know Kelly and her grab bags/boxes, you know that this is going to be some good stuff and you won’t want to miss out.

In addition, anyone who attends any of Kelly’s workshops (including those who have already registered) will be entered into a raffle each day for some outstanding goodies that I have in my own studio. I’ve got a multitude of art books, stencils and so much collage fodder, your eyes will bug out. To be a part of this drawing, you must be registered by August 10.

Have a great day!

Art Play Date #4 Notes

(l-r) Chris works on her owl, while Michelle and Nyebbi discuss crochet, and Sonia works on her current paper quilling project
(l-r) Chris works on her owl, while Michelle and Nyebbi discuss crochet, and Sonia works on her current paper quilling project

Woo! Lots of great conversation and info swirling around our meetup on Saturday, therefore, a plethora of show notes for you! Thank you to Jessica, Sonia, Nyebbi, Michelle, Chris, Kathryn and Sergi for attending and making the morning fun.

  • Book: Doorways and Openings by Catherine Anderson (A great book of doorway photos you can use in your work!)
  • A great idea for collage — find a place and print out an aerial photo. Kathryn had a really great shot of a city in the Middle East from Google Earth, the name of which evades me at the moment, and it looked like it had a lot of potential. Images from NASA and US Geological Survey (USGS) are copyright free, making them even more attractive for art pieces you might sell.
  • Maps are fun to use, too. If you’re a AAA member, they’re free!
  • Sonia will be teaching paper quilling at 9 a.m. on August 1 at the Fort Collins Creative Cards and Papercrafting meetup.
  • We talked quite a bit about journaling and Jessica mentioned that she’s trying bullet journaling. Looks fun!
  • Shop: Wool Hat, on Lincoln Street (near Mountain) in Fort Collins, sells upcycled and vintage furniture
  • Jessica was filming her journaling using time lapse software for use on her YouTube (BrownPaperBunny) channel. Neat!
  • Danny Gregory – a very inspiring artist. Start with Everyday Matters.
  • We also talked about having an art supply swap at a future meeting, so be on the lookout for info about that in a future post.

And thanks to everyone who helped out by chipping in for the membership. You know who you are, and you’re rock stars.

what can you learn in a Kelly Kilmer workshop

what might I learn in a Kelly Kilmer art journaling workshop?

Trying to decide? Not sure if you are up for an art journaling workshop? Nervous about trying something new? Here are a few of the things you can expect to learn about in one of Kelly’s workshops:

  • intriguing prompts and inspiration
  • color theory
  • how to layer paint and imagery
  • how to process and express your thoughts and ideas in a visual manner
  • creative pen work
  • brainstorming, problem solving
  • how to gain confidence in your journaling skills
  • easy bookbinding
  • pattern making
  • different ways to use stencils and stamps
  • ways to use decorative tape
  • collage, composition and design
  • a plethora of painting techniques
  • layering color
  • clever ways to use the supplies at hand
  • how to pack for journaling on the road
  • how to fall in love with your handwriting

And, of course, how to have a LOT of fun with your fellow journalers! In the words of one of Kelly’s biggest fans:

I am so excited about Kelly Kilmer coming back to this area to teach classes again. I was new to mixed media and art journaling when I took my first class with her. She taught me easy techniques that I still use over and over. I keep coming back to her classes, because she always has fresh and new journal-making classes … her students get a lot of personal attention … she is so down-to-earth … and she is one of the few artists I know that teach the art of collage and design. I am no longer an art newbie, but keep returning to Kelly’s classes, because it stress-free fun and she continues to challenge students of all levels. So excited about welcoming her back to Colorado! (KC)

If that’s not enough, email me and ask your questions!

Art Play Date #3 Notes

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, so our June Art Play Date was a little small. MJ, Sonia and I spent a few enjoyable hours of chatting and creating. Here are a couple of notes:

And, a thought for the day: If you can’t make it and have RSVPed on Meetup, please un-RSVP so that if someone wants to bring snacks or something, we’ll know how many to plan for. Similarly, if nobody plans to attend, I could really use the extra sleep and the CCC can use the space. Thanks!