Faux Etching with Leighanna Light


Workshop cost is $115.00. If you register with a partial payment, payments must be made in full by 9/18.

A kit fee of $15 is payable directly to the instructor on the day of class.

Lunch is included in the cost of the full-day workshops and there will also be a supply of snacks and beverages at all classes. If you have any special needs or requests, please type that into the notes box when you register or email webmaster [at] alwaysbcreating [dot] com directly.

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Faux Etching
Surface Design on Metal
Sunday, September 28, 2014 • 10a-5p

Oh how I love texture on metal! This workshop evolved from a happy accident, ever since I have been having a blast etching anything that I can get my hands on!

In this workshop, you will learn an amazing technique for creating “etched” metal surfaces without having to deal with toxic chemicals & hours of agitation. After etching the metal in the morning, we will spend the rest of the day constructing a unique figurative sculpture using the metal that we altered. While working on the sculpture, we will cover basic cold connection methods as well as composition & design. If you’d like, please bring some extra metal to etch, you can etch these in the morning & take them home to use in other projects. This technique will become a treasured favorite and will be useful in many other projects. You will leave with at least 1 figurative sculpture, 2 or more if you work fast & bring extra tins & heads!

$15 kit fee for this class includes a hand made clay face for the project, patina, extra metal for attaching head, found objects as well as use of instructors hand carved stamps, tools & other consumables.


For the best class experience, it is very important to bring all of the supplies listed below. Please gather your supplies early, since you might have to order some things online. If you have trouble finding anything, or if you have any questions, please contact me at least one week prior to class at lklight@copper.net.

  • ALTOID TINS at least 1, with the paint burned off. I throw mine on the grill or in the fireplace to remove the paint. Or you can buy them here, brand new. I provide 1 new tin, if you would like to make more then one, please bring  more to class.
  • BRUSHES one or two inexpensive craft brushes
  • MATTE MEDIUM small amount- 2 oz. will be plenty
  • CRAFTERS PICK, ULTIMATE GLUE  small 2 oz. bottle.  This glue is available at Hobby Lobby, or online.
  • SMALL BRADS Available at most craft stores
  • BLACK WIRE  22 gauge, available at most hardware or craft stores
  • BRASS or COPPER – a few small scrap pieces to practice on.
  • FOUND OBJECTS A variety of objects that can be added to your sculpture… Think of small objects that can be used as legs, arms & hair. Buttons, lace, game pieces, vintage tin, typewriter parts all work especially well. Please see class pictures for ideas.


I will have several of these for the class to share. If you’d rather not wait, please bring your own.

  • RUBBER STAMPS– A bold design, no thin lines, hand carved stamps work best. I will have a variety for you to choose from.
  • A METAL PUNCH – used for punching holes in metal. Please do a search for “metal Punch”- don’t pay more than $30
  • GILDERS PASTE- www.gilderspaste.com/
  • 2 SMALL CLAMPS I use Irwin Quick grip light duty MICRO bar clamps, 6”. Please read the package carefully, there are 2 that claim to be 6”. You want the smaller of the 2. These are optional, they will make your job a bit easier & I will have several to share.
  • GLOVES- plastic, disposable
  • Your own CLAY FACE if you prefer- I will have one for everyone
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