Q+A with Leighanna Light

Leighanna Light is a favorite here in Northern Colorado, with her fun approach to creating mixed media work. She’ll be teaching in Fort Collins September 8-10, 2017. Early bird registration ends on July 31.

What’s your favorite new-to-you tool or supply from the past year?
Um, leaves. Seriously, I learned eco dyeing & developed a method of printing on metal, it’s all that I can think about!

How many hours a day do you work on your art?
Between art & teaching, 6-10 hours a day.

Tell us about your studio practice
I go into my studio & make stuff whenever I possibly can! I listen to music or audio books, Lily, my dog, has a bed next to my work table where she sleeps. Our neighbor has sheep, I can see them from my studio window and I am often distracted, especially this time of year when they have babies.

What makes for a great day in a workshop you’re teaching?
Watching students discover happy accidents, learning new things & being proud of what they created.

What 5 items do you always have with you when taking or teaching a workshop?
Gesso, a metal punch, antiquing glaze, Adirondack re-inkers, nuts & bolts.

Do you make art on the go? Tell us about your “go bag”.
I used to travel with a journal, gesso, watercolor crayons & pencils, but I was often too busy teaching to work in my journal. So I started leaving it at home & now I feel much less guilty!

Who are some of your favorite artists, living or otherwise?
Bill Skrips, Mikel Robinson, Morgan Brig, Geoffrey Gorman, Pat Chapman, Albie Smith, Tory Brokenshire, Misty Lindsey, Jesse Reno, Diane Arbus…..

What’s your favorite work of your own? Will you share a photo?
It’s a piece that I just finished, it’s called “What are you hiding?”

What’s your favorite part about teaching workshops?
I really love all of it, even packing kits! I especially love connecting with new people & sharing new ideas.

What’s your ideal workshop student?
Someone with an open mind, willing to try something new & not afraid to make a mistake. Wait, that sounds like a kinky dating ad!

If a student is new to the type of work you do, what would you tell him or her before registering for your workshop?
Come ready to learn with an open mind.

If you’ve taught in Northern CO before, what’s your favorite thing about teaching here?
Seeing you & hitting the wonderful junk shops in Loveland. Sorry, can’t remember any of the names!

Of the workshops you’re teaching this year, which is your favorite? Which do you predict will be our favorite?
Surface Design on Metal is a brand-new workshop that I’m so excited about teaching! Taught it for the first time in Albuquerque a few weeks ago, the students work was to die for & I can’t wait to do it again!

Do you have any surprises in store? Can you give us a hint?
Yes. Brown.

Do you still have the first piece of art you ever made? What do you think when you look at it?
Yes, I think that I was a fool for not trading when someone who’s art I greatly admire offered!

What’s your favorite word?

When you’re not making art or teaching, what do you do for fun?
Kayaking, hiking and camping, but making art & teaching is mostly what I do for fun!

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