Just some of the books that were created during the Archivist's Relic

Recap: Leighanna Light Workshops 2015

(l-r) Cindi, Leighanna, Tracey, Dixie and Colleen during the Guardians of the Discarded workshop.

We didn’t stop laughing for three whole days.

Leighanna Light did not disappoint during her visit to Northern Colorado on September 17-18-19. We had an outstanding time painting, texturing, sewing, cutting, building and etching…we didn’t want it to end!

On Thursday, we started around 9:30 am and went until 8:30 pm for Venetian Surfaces: Plaster, Wax & Canvas Deck. It was a long class, one that Leighanna usually teaches in a day and a half, but Susan, Karen, Marcia, Lynn and I ended up with such yummy decks that we thought it was totally worth the “sacrifice” of having an 11-hour day. Leighanna always tends to find the most amazing products at the hardware store that help kick up one’s art just that one more notch, to borrow a phrase, and her finds this year were no less impressive than in previous years. No, I’m not going to give away Leighanna’s secrets…you need to learn directly from the master!

Just some of the books that were created during the Archivist's Relic
Just some of the books that were created during the Archivist’s Relic.

Friday, we created small books in the Archivist’s Relic. It was the same group as in Thursday’s class, so we were getting very comfortable with each other and super punchy, so there was a lot of hilarity. There was a slight wrinkle in the progress of the class, too, but Leighanna totally rolled with it, as did we all, and our skills at improvisation were pretty impressive! My favorite part of the workshop was that Leighanna created the book covers ahead of time so that we could spend more time on the techniques she was teaching, rather than on cutting and gluing canvas for the book cover, not to mention letting the book cover glue dry!

Memorable Quotes
of the Weekend

“That’s what she said.”

“The more texture…(long pause)…the more texture.”

“Usually students are more polite.”

“Bring it over here and read it to me.”

“I was highstepping!”

“When you go out drinking with Karen, bring rope. That’s all I need to say.”

“Keep your hands off my signatures.”

“It has the fizz, you don’t bring the fizz.”

“I think you need to put a quarter in the jar just for what you’re thinking.”

The most anticipated class, Guardians of the Discarded, was on Saturday and we learned how to make an “eclectic free standing figurative assemblage.” See photos below of just some of the sculptures made that day. Personally, I am most pleased with my work from Saturday when I look at what I created on all three days. I’ve never built a sculpture like this and I’m excited to see what I can do using my newfound skills. I tend to be afraid of power tools, but I love that Leighanna pushes us to rely less on glue and to use drilled holes, wire, nails, screws and other items to build. The look is just…better, somehow.

As usual, my personal favorite part of Leighanna’s classes, besides the fact that she’s a great teacher and has a wonderful laugh, is discovering what she puts in her class kits. The girl finds the most interesting objects to include in her kits and I am ashamed to say that I have hoarded elements from her kits for years. Next time I’ll need to take a photo of her kit so that you can see all of the amazing things she includes. Leighanna is really something else.

I bet you’re dying to join us next year, aren’t you? 🙂 Thank you, Leighanna, for a wonderful three days of arting and escaping from daily life. We look forward to what you have in store for us next time!



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