Instructor Inquiries

Are you interested in teaching a workshop in beautiful Northern Colorado? Well, good, because we’d love to have you here! Below is a list of resources that should help you. In addition, here’s a flyer you can download that highlights responsibilities and benefits of participating in this program: abc-workshops-invite

The most important things for you to know are these:

  1. We aren’t in this to make money. We’re just a bunch of artist who really love making things and we miss the workshops that Christine Webb of The Artists’ Nook used to organize. Therefore, we’ll do everything we can to make this a profitable trip for you, but we can’t pay for your travel and lodging.
  2. We are a LOT of fun to teach! Just ask Kelly Kilmer and Leighanna Light.


If you’re driving, we’re accessible from I-25, which runs north/south through Colorado. If you’re flying, you want to book your tickets to Denver (DIA) where we’ll either pick you up or you can have a Super Shuttle pick you up and bring you to wherever you’re staying.


In all honesty, it was (and is) one of my most favorite places to teach. I am ALWAYS excited about teaching in Fort Collins and I am forever grateful to you and Lynn for doing this. CO peeps are among my most favorite! The environment and people are so welcoming and inspirational. It always fills my heart to visit. I always leave a little piece of my heart behind when it’s time to go.

–Kelly Kilmer

If you are interested in working with, email webmaster [at] alwaysbcreating [dot] com and we’ll get the ball rolling.