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Kelly Kilmer: The Hardest Working Artist in Mixed Media

Here are the stats:

  • A drive from Los Angeles to Loveland, Colorado (with her mother and son, and all of their luggage, and all of Kelly’s supplies, stuffed into a rental Elantra)
  • A stop in Santa Fe to teach classes (I don’t even know how many students and classes she did there)
  • 3 days in Colorado
  • 5-10 rowdy, naughty students per class
  • 4 classes
  • book board, canvas board, book canvas, cardstock for pages — all cut to the right size and ready to be made into books. for every student in every class. (Think about the amount of time spent cutting all of that!)
  • paint, rubber stamps, pens and markers, gel medium, collage materials, deco tape, deco papers — enough for all of the students, plus their families (including at least 2 generations of descendants) to use.
  • Handouts for each student in each class, comprised of at least two sheets, FRONT AND BACK!, with detailed instructions and notes.


All of this adds up to Kelly Kilmer being the most generous and hard working artist/instructor in the mixed media arena. I have taken a lot of classes with a lot of artists, but I have never seen anyone as thorough and prepared as Kelly is.

[Ok, I realize that this post may end up sounding like a platonic love letter to Kelly Kilmer and I apologize in right now. I just want everybody who reads this to know just what they get when they take a class with Kelly. For a really reasonable price, I might add!]

We had a great time in the workshops this past weekend. Kelly is a very good teacher and is also an inspiring and encouraging person. I think we all left these classes feeling like we were rejuvenated and re-committed to our journaling and our art in general.

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Extended! Kelly Kilmer registration

oh man, you are one lucky dog if you’re reading this right now. We had a few last-minute cancellations and there’s still room in Kelly’s workshops for you! Kelly, in all of her graciousness, said that we can keep registrations open and she will accommodate with supplies and handouts.

I will have to add this to my list of why Kelly Kilmer rocks.

But anyway, back to the workshop registration. There are a couple of rules:

  1. All registrations  from now until the Kelly Weekend ™ must be paid in full and are final. No refunds.
  2. You must register online before midnight the day before the workshop so that we have a heads up that you’re coming the next day.

Have a great day!

Kelly Kilmer workshop signup deadline is tonight!

24-IMG_8635 (Large)Tell me, dear reader…

  • Have you ever wanted to art journal?
  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a handmade book?
  • Do you journal with words and want to spice up your diary or learn ways to stay motivated?
  • Are you a scrapbooker and interested in taking your pages to another level?
  • Are you a rubber stamper or crafter of some kind and are hungry for more learning?
  • Are you an artist and want to keep more creative notes about your thoughts, sightings and ideas?

breakingopenkk (4)Any and all of you are welcome to take these workshops! Beginners are especially welcome, as Kelly takes everyone step by step through the bookmaking process and is a great teacher. Every time I take workshops will Kelly, I learn at least one new thing (but usually a lot more than just one!) and I get reinvigorated and inspired in all of my creative endeavors. I have been art journaling since high school, when I didn’t even know it had a name, and my journals are now more clever, interactive and awash with color than they’ve ever been.

Take a chance on something new. Sign up today!

Spotlight: The Painted Book with Kelly Kilmer

As you can see from the counter on our home page, we have roughly four weeks until Kelly Kilmer graces our humble learning space with her awesome presence. But remember, you must sign up and pay in full by 7/11 in order to get into her workshops, so don’t delay!

We’re all very excited because Kelly is going to teach a class with paint this summer (we really missed Kelly’s excellent color theory lessons and getting messy with the paint last year)! Kelly promises that “We’ll explore a variety of mediums including watercolor, gouache, and much, much more.” I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Sign up for The Painted Book: An Exploration in Layers

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Kelly Kilmer is set to come to NoCo in July

Yes, things have been very quiet on this site lately. But now that the holidays are wrapped up (except for those darn Christmas letters I just have to stamp and get into the mail!), it’s time to look forward to the spring/summer workshop season!

We just had confirmation that Kelly Kilmer will be here to teach again this coming July. The weekend is July 18-20, so mark your calendars now, kids, and stay tuned for updates and details as we have them.