Kelly Kilmer


Kelly T.M. Kilmer is a mixed media book artist living in Southern California. A New England native who studied on her own and at Mass College of Art, she believes that there is an artist in each and every one of us. Kelly’s classes are designed specifically to bring that artist out. Her work has appeared in several books and magazines. Kelly’s art is in the home of several private collectors and has also been sold in various galleries across the U.S. Kelly has been teaching mixed media workshops every weekend for over 19 years now in the U.S. as well as abroad.

art journal page by Kelly Kilmer

Her current passions are spending time with her family, reading, collecting (and using) paper, tape and pens, watching foreign and independent films, journaling and frequenting used bookstores. Kelly is always exploring new ways to create and how to better herself as an artist.

You can reach Kelly directly by emailing her at or visiting her website

2019 schedule

Palette Pages: Exercises in Creative PlayThursday, September 125:30-9:30p$105 ($90 early bird)
Finger Painting for Grown-ups (aka Don't Toss Those Dried Up Paint Markers Yet)Friday, September 1310a-2p$105 ($90 early bird)If you take both Friday workshops, don't forget to bring your lunch!
Beyond the Brush: Painting with Palette Knives and MoreFriday, September 133p-7p$105 ($90 early bird)If you take both Friday workshops, don't forget to bring your lunch!
Soliloquy in Art Journal FormSaturday, September 1410a-6p$180 ($165 early bird)Bring your own bag lunch (or plan to get something nearby). If participants desire, we'll eat while we continue to work.
Inner Dialogue: The Art of Visual ExpressionSunday, September 1510a-3p$140 ($125 early bird)Bring your own bag lunch (or plan to get something nearby). If participants desire, we'll eat while we continue to work.

Supply lists are on each workshop page. Kelly says, “My workshops are always process-based learning while creating a unique product. I am well known for not traveling light and bring a large variety of supplies including (but not limited to) collage material, rubber stamps, stencils, pens, markers, tape and more.”


Testimonials for Kelly Kilmer workshops

I have taken a number of classes from Kelly Kilmer. I have learned and enjoyed each and every one of them. My favorite journals I have made have come from Kelly’s classes. The journals she teaches you to make are simple to replicate after the class, you will learn much about color and how it works and they are always, always fun! I highly recommend anyone, newbie or oldie like me, have fun taking one or more of Kelly’s classes while she is here in Colorado. It is a rare opportunity that we are able to attract such nationally known instructors, but for the dedication of artists in the area! Yay! (TR)

I am so excited about Kelly Kilmer coming back to this area to teach classes again. I was new to mixed media and art journaling when I took my first class with her. She taught me easy techniques that I still use over and over. I keep coming back to her classes, because she always has fresh and new journal-making classes … her students get a lot of personal attention … she is so down-to-earth … and she is one of the few artists I know that teach the art of collage and design. I am no longer an art newbie, but keep returning to Kelly’s classes, because it stress-free fun and she continues to challenge students of all levels. So excited about welcoming her back to Colorado! (KC)

I love taking workshops from Kelly. She is so creative, upbeat, and inspirational!! (LH)

Kelly’s fast-paced teaching style is a wonderful way to get out of the box and work spontaneously. If you are looking for a kick in your butt to get inspired, she certainly can do the job. (JG)

Why I Love Taking Kelly’s Workshops
1. Kelly is the most generous instructor I’ve ever taken a workshop with. She brings the supplies to make the projects, she lets you use her pens, stencils, tapes and gives you adhesive, paint, collage materials and other consumables to use in the workshops.

2. Not only is she generous with her teaching tools, she is generous with her class handouts. You will receive a printed copy of everything you learn in class so you don’t have to worry about trying to write a ton of notes. The printouts generally have more on them than there’s time to cover in class, so I consider that a big bonus!
3. Kelly is a damn good teacher. She tells you what’s going to happen, explains why she’s doing what she’s doing, and she’s patient beyond her years when it comes to repeating instructions for those of us who might lag behind. (TKC)